Half o' Million Flickr Views.. Let's go, 2015!

My journey with Flickr began on August 11, 2008, to be exact.  I really didn't know what I was getting into.  I was just a kid who just purchased a Nikon D40X and set out to take pictures.  I had no plan.  I had no vision.  And I certainly had no prior knowledge of photography and how everything worked.  I think that's why I found whatever success I have today.

Trial and error.  Shooting.. then deleting.  Contemplation of selling my gear and giving up.  Those were all thoughts I tackled when I first started.  Today, I'm glad I didn't cave.  The story of me taking up photography really boils down to me being removed from a band I spent a few years in, and a few years previously traveling around with.  I still ached to be a part of the music, the environments, the new people.  It was exciting!  I thought, back then, that a camera would allow me to stick around and experience the other end of things.  Plus, my insane love for Disney added to everything as well.

Skip ahead 7 years and here we are at 2015.  The Flickr stream has just surpassed .5 million views and it's going full steam ahead.  Now, I know.. I know.. 500k views on Flickr anymore is probably a commonplace for most photographers.  But, for someone that doesn't upload as much as I should (I'll get better, I PROMISE!!).. it's exciting.  Half a million people have seen my work.. from my very first shot to my very latest.

With that being said, the goal for 2015 is this.. a half a million more.  In one year.  Twelve months.

Think I can do it?  Me too.