Half o' Million Flickr Views.. Let's go, 2015!

Half o' Million Flickr Views.. Let's go, 2015!

My journey with Flickr began on August 11, 2008, to be exact.  I really didn't know what I was getting into.  I was just a kid who just purchased a Nikon D40X and set out to take pictures.  I had no plan.  I had no vision.  And I certainly had no prior knowledge of photography and how everything worked.  I think that's why I found whatever success I have today.

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Marissa & JT’s Wedding @ Downingtown Country Club, PA – Recap

In June 2014, I had the opportunity to shoot my very first wedding! Man, the nerves! Kidding. It wasn’t all that different than any engagement or portrait session I’ve tackled thus far.. It was simply a new experience. Fun, to say the least!

Marissa has been a friend of mine for awhile, so it was a no brainer she she asked me to help shoot her wedding.

The guys were quite the characters and made the day to be an overall good time! Congrats, Marissa and JT!

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