All about me:  When I’m not browsing through photo blogs, webzines and pressing random buttons on my camera, I enjoy playing my guitar, catching up on local sports and devouring as many fruit snacks as I can!  No, seriously.  But, aside from all that, I am an avid fan of attending and shooting live music concerts, traveling (mainly to Disney World) and creating images that I am proud of.  I’m a lighthearted, fun and professional shooter that would love to work with you!

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All about you:  Well, that’s yet to be discovered!  But that’s half the fun.. learning about a client while collaborating to create the most interesting, fun and memorable project I can!  The whole goal of this little thing I do is to create something you can look at one year, three years, five years from now and say, “I’m really glad we chose Kris.. these were fun!